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Painting contractor in Lomma

We cover the whole of south-west Skåne: 

Malmö, Lund, Landskrona, Vellinge, Staffanstorp, Burlöv, Kävlinge

 - 20 years professional working experience 

-  all of our work comes with a warranty

- ROT-work 30% tax deduction

- class F tax, id-06,  liability insurance, authorised bathroom

- environmentally friendly water-based paint, plaster,  wood preservation and wall paper adhesive. Quality products from  Flügger, Alcro/Beckers, Caparol, Sto

- free estimates

- just in time

- call right now +46 40-644 77 30;  +46 40-644 77 37

ROT-work: 30% tax deduction